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What is SEO Link Building and how your website can benefit from it

Ariane Alyerunga

March 19, 2019

Link building refers to a process where an online marketer or business owner gets other websites to link back to their web sites.

The higher the number of backlinks to your website, the higher your Search Engine Optimisation SEO score.

Effective link building positions your website as a quality, trustworthy and relevant resource, which in turn drives your site rankings high on Google.

Using backlinks,  visitors can navigate between different pages on the Internet, increasing both inbound and outbound traffic to your website.

Here are four strategies for link building campaigns

  • Create unique and captivating content that compels people to look at your content, use and refer it to others.
  • Visit a website that is relevant to your content and request for a Guest post, Guest blogging is one of the avenues for driving new traffic to your site
  • Get links from friends, peers and business partners.
  • Submit your website to directories.


Benefits of SEO link building

link-building-for-seo What is SEO Link Building and how your website can benefit from it


  1. Helps Google find your new page. What would happen if you were asked to travel to a small city suburb you have never been to without a map?

The answer is simple. You would either lose your way or waste time trying to find your way.

So, you need a map to save time and ease the process of finding your way to the city suburb.

Similarly, you need backlinks to get people to find your website easily. Backlinks lead to faster indexing of your website and higher search rankings.


  1.  Brand name exposure and visibility. For digital marketing specialists, investing in great content comes with investing in visibility strategies. Link building through the website, tweets, blog posts, social media shares, is just one of the strategies you can use to display your brand to a wider audience.

People trust links. So, by creating link building, you increase the visibility of your goods and services in the Google search engine.

High-quality links signal to Google that you are providing user-centric content that attracts the readers’ attention and boost online referrals.


  1. Boosts site authority and reputation. Backlinks boost your domain authority, page and link authority. The links signal the value of your content and point visitors to the best possible direction to find results for their search query.

High-quality links drive consumers to websites, build brands and drive search rankings. In fact, using links relevant to your content portrays you as an expert and builds your reputation.

So, obtain high-quality links from reputable websites to drive traffic to your website and get people reading your content.


  1. Create new relationships. Good content attracts visitors to your site.

Clicking on the backlinks can create a spiral of actions. A visitor on your page will connect and follow your social media pages, subscribe to your RSS feeds and bookmark your blog.

A high-quality link builds relationships in three ways.

  • By adding value to the website linking out.
  • By bringing your business and a potential consumer together without using search engine rankings.
  • By adding value to the website that is linked.

Final Thought

Link building is one of the online marketing strategies worth investing your efforts. Invest in link building, today to leave a valuable mark on the link equity table.