Top 60 Tips to Master a Combined Art for SEO Writing

Ariane Alyerunga

October 7, 2020

SEO is a form of writing that makes your website, and your content more visible to search engines.

93% of online experiences begin with the search engines, so it’s no wonder that most site administrators, whether they manage agency websites, e-commerce shop, or blogs, use Search Engine Optimization to be noticed more.

Real success for search engine rankings, user experience, and brand positioning occurs when both the art of writing and SEO are combined-irrespective of whether it’s personal or business.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely unsure how SEO writing will grow your online presence. You’re probably asking yourself:

  • What is SEO writing?
  • Is SEO content writing critical?
  • What Keywords may I use?
  • Where can I find the proper Keywords?
  • How do I integrate SEO and writing to grow in my ranking?

With  years of expertise, Sadja Web Solutions has worked with several companies to address these questions and has built a reputation for success.

The E-book offers quick, practical pointers and tips on using SEO to your advantage, so your website ranks higher.


Why this guide matters?

It is vital that every business works towards having its website rank high on the search engines for more visibility. This guide will make you a valuable asset to your company through the art of writing and SEO at no cost. Besides, it will help you create high-quality content that people can’t resist.

With over 50 expert tips, you’ll have all you need to master SEO and grow your business online.

quote Top 60 Tips to Master a Combined Art for SEO Writing

Here is a quick sample to get you started;

Tip 1: Find Keywords first

Keywords are the search phrases that people use in search engines when looking for something in particular. Treat Keyword search as an art, read through your content, and through your audience’s eyes, pick out what would stand out for them. There are also thousands of guides available online. Go through them methodically to discover which works best for you. Your content must be found before it can have an impact.

Despite their intelligence, search engines can’t judge how good a piece of writing is. But with the right keywords, it will show up in the search, the audiences will love it, and its ranking will improve. The keywords should be strategically positioned in places like the title, headline, and the introduction.

Tip 2: Understand your audience and reach out to them

Get to know and understand who’s going to read your content before you begin to write. Know their interests and needs, and consider them before your fingers touch the keyboard. Your writing will achieve better results and rank higher to your target audience.

Looking to have your website full-blown and ranking high on search engines? Download and have your copy of “TOP 60 TIPS TO MASTER A COMBINED ART FOR SEO WRITING.”

With these pro-tips on SEO writing, you will have all the answers you need and more.


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