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Top 11 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

Ariane Alyerunga

December 13, 2019

Did you know that there are hundreds of content marketing opportunities that crop up daily, thanks to the growing demand for content by internet users?

Competition for content marketing jobs is high, and that’s why if content marketing is your business, then you need to incorporate the right strategies to market your content effectively.

It is also becoming increasingly important to invest in digital marketing, but what if you are starting and do not have the financial resources to do so?

The first step is to discover the strategies of effective marketing of content. This article defines what content marketing is, and shows you how to focus your content marketing business in the right direction using the right strategies.


Tip 1# Craft a smart plan

You need to craft an original strategy to market your content. This plan begins with setting goals and finding the right target audience. Keep your targets practical and make sure they fit your business’ scale. You’re marketing plans should also be connected to your overall business goals and fulfil the industry’s needs.

First, figure out the content tastes and preferences of your audience. If you have a substantial budget, you may establish a customer survey, so you can get a chance to research a wider audience.

A smart content plan will also help you find the best tone for your content, and give you an idea of how and where to post it.


Tip 2# Design a content calendar 

A content calendar provides a performance anchor for your content. The content calendar will also offer you an up-to-date summary of what you’ve written and helped you avoid duplication.

Note that each communication channel will have its frequency of posting. After you have established who your target audience is, determine how and when they are most likely to be reached.

Your Twitter feed, for instance, may need many tweets per day, while Facebook sees excellent traction for one post a day.

In summary, a content calendar will give you two most important benefits;

  • A schedule organized by date and time for your postings
  • A publishing timeline showing what you have published in the past and what you will post in the future


Tip 3# Get to master your stuff

You’ve got to stay focused on your business goal and what you’ve got to offer based on the content needs of your audience. Sometimes you may realize that your audience loves all genres of content, yes, that’s good but create a niche for yourself that talks and sells the identity of your content brand.

Two main principles form a base for Content marketing

  • To educate someone
  • To give a solution

The longer a person stays on your post, the higher the chance that they enjoyed it, and it is relevant to their needs. Using google analytics, facebook insights and Twitter analytics will help you review the bounce rates.


Tip 4# Blend your content

Variety is the spice of great content, especially if you want to increase engagement and encourage people to follow you. Spice your content with text, images, and video to create a great reader experience and commitment. This content strategy is especially right if you have a diverse audience and want to tap into the emotions of each of them.

Here is a list of tools you could use to add variety to your content

  • Interviews with influencers, or industry leaders
  • Vox pops with customers
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Memes and emojis

Remember, content is not just words, and no one is interested in working out their precious time to read long grey patches of text.


Tip 5# Test and Keep track of your content Records

analysis Top 11 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

Monitoring your efforts makes sense, especially when you are sharing a mix blend of content. Find out what is the best formula for posting your content by looking back at the content that gave you the most likes, shares and comments. Alternatively, always look for patterns while monitoring. Find these trends in less obvious places, such as the blog headings. You will note your Top 5 lists are better than How-To’s type of content, while How – To’s are better than generic titles. Every little observation you make is a precious little gem you need to keep in your hands to make continuous improvements.


Tip 6# Invite Guest Bloggers 

You can always appoint guest bloggers if you feel that you don’t have the people with the right skills in the writing or creative department. If you are either just starting or do not have the budget for paying bloggers, then look out for bloggers who are willing to provide content to help build their credibility as an authority. Guest bloggers are a great addition to your content strategy because they expand the breadth of your content by featuring some of the common interests of your audience.


Tip 7# Constantly create new create 

It’s swift to get your content marketing down the road because every post you share helps build your profile to attract more followers. Commitment is all you need to create the momentum of writing new content.

Growth in the number of followers should not stop you from creating new content and do not allow your page or channel to remain stuck with stale, stagnant content because this will cost you, followers. Again stick to your content calendar, which will remind you when it’s time to post new content.

Are you looking for trendsetting topics? Why not contact the industry leaders and specialists to suggest some creative ideas that will keep your content tick and up-to-date.


Tip 8# Don’t just post for the sake of keeping your channel alive 

Avoiding the temptation to post frequently is a bit tricky, especially if you are under pressure to keep your audience happy. But the tip here is Don’t ever give in to the trouble to post often. Getting noticed does not depend on the number of posts pushed out per day, but rather it depends on the quality of posts that your audience can enjoy and engage with your brand. Your focus should always be quality, rather than quantity.


Tip 9# Don’t lose your head in the keyword search 

Keywords are essential tools for SEO, but SEO should not always be the driving force for your content generation. Low-quality content can also impact your SEO efforts. But critical words that adversely affect a readers experience will cost you, followers.

Always remember that misuse of keywords in your content will generate monotony, result in poor grammar, and yield an uncomfortable reading experience. So, Use one or two well-searched keywords in your posts, and make sure that you use ALT tags, meta descriptions and SEO file names for video and image comments.


Tip 10# Draw out some inspiration from industry experts 

Research is the best way to understand content marketing and how to do it well. It pays to cast your eyes over the fence and see what the industry leaders in content marketing are doing, how they are doing it and draw out some inspiration to drive your next moves.

Here is a list of successful content that you can learn from

  • Coke’s “Share a Coke” Campaign which allowed everyone to personalize their favourite drink, touching directly on people’s emotion.

Lesson: Just like you, readers are people with emotions, and the content you post should provide a personal and emotional touch.

  • Buffer’s open blog social media tracking app allows you to schedule posts and tracks your growth on social media remotely. The app shows you what they do, how you can do it, attach value to each post you share.
  • Your content should give value to the users and help them find solutions they need to deal with their problems.
  • Microsoft story labs use stories to attract people to their content.


Tip 11# Leverage your content

Leverage the content you produce across all your platforms. Here is how to do this.

  • Post a link to your most recent post on social media pages.
  • Cross-link details that you might want in one short blog to get more in-depth information in another.
  • Raise awareness about your YouTube channel by often including it in your social media feeds.
  • Create a never-ending cycle of interlinking and cross-linking to bring people to all the networks you use online.
  • Rewrite material – take an instructional video and turn it into an infographic or turn a series of blogs into an eBook.
  • Read and comment on the views of other thought leaders.
  • Include a reference to a similar post on your platforms. Or even better yet, to a position that primarily builds more on what the original post says.

Build a great content strategy for your audience!