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The Best Web Design Trends for 2021

Technology changes really fast, and so do web design trends. Website features that were once innovative and trendy can quickly fall out of favor, and the last thing you need is for your audience to perceive your website as outdated or missing crucial functions. There’s good news, though. This post offers a list of the most popular design trends for 2021, so you won’t be left behind.

Dark mode

For a while now, in web design, white backgrounds were considered the best and only way to create space within an application or website. Though some designers incorporated dark elements and themes into their projects years ago, Dark mode really rose to prominence in 2020, and it will likely grow more popular in 2021.
What is dark mode, exactly?
The dark mode is an effective way to give any website an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. compared to white space, it gives designers more freedom to incorporate playful elements like neon and pastels. (two of the most popular design trends of 2020).
Research has shown that dark mode enhances battery life by reducing the amount of blue light computer screens emit. There appears to be a significant shift in consumer preference towards dark-themed user interfaces. this suggests it will be a considerable web design trend in 2021


Not many will find this trend appealing. But, if there’s anything to learn from the events of 2020, it’s that rules and expectations don’t always work. Anti design is driven by a re-emergence of brutalism that started in 2019. the controversial style has slowly but surely crept into social media and pop-culture, and graphic and web design.
Anti-Design is often described as unapologetic, raw, and even ugly. The anti-design movement is all about embracing chaos and ugliness in protest of the conventional standards of good design. It is built on experimental and asymmetrical layouts, distortion, exaggeration, and everything traditionally considered ugly, so it’s definitely not something everyone will appreciate. However, if you like to make a statement, then anti-design will help you do that.
Although this style always makes a statement, it’s important to remember that web design is all about balance. For that reason, if you choose to incorporate anti-design into your user interface, make sure the user experience is functional, simple, and user friendly.

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Collage and medium-mixing

Collage has been one of the most significant graphic design trends on social media, and it quickly spread to web design in 2020. This mixed-media style has been widely used by social media influencers and digital artists. It has been adopted by several brands and web design agencies that include City circus, Chobani, and Urban outfitters.
What is a collage?
Collage is all bout combining mediums like photos, graphics, illustrations, and text to create exciting and inspiring designs.
Now that it has been adopted by the web design community. It has evolved to include mixed media types like large decorative fonts, animated collage, and artistic textures like paintbrush strokes or animated distorted text.
Collage works well with minimal user experience (UX) design. Incorporating it into your website will help your brand/business stand out in 2021.

Organic design

The organic design has been one of the biggest design trends of 2020, and it’s only going to get more popular in 2021. It’s all about drawing inspiration from nature and everything around you. Although it first rose to prominence in interior design and product design circles, it’s been picked up by web designers across the world too. Organic design is driven by a growing focus on environmentalism and sustainability. It features organic shapes and textures and earthy colors and textures, as seen on websites lie A better source.
The neutral colors used in organic design recreate the earth’s natural palette, so if you want to give your site a natural feel, they’re the way to go.


Minimalist design is a trend that never goes out of fashion. It has been a web design stable for the last 10 years. Minimalist design is based only on essential elements like basic shapes, clean text, and empty space. Designers combine these features to create a simple yet functional and memorable user experience.
Minimalism is currently on the rise and looks sent to continue on that trajectory through 2021. through bold backgrounds, block colors, simple sans serif fonts, and minimalist typefaces, minimalism enhances website usability and functionality. It will remain a critical aspect of modern UI design for the foreseeable future.


Illustration has really exploded this year across graphic design, web design, and social media. Several brands, businesses, and creators have picked up on this trend, and they are now incorporating hand-drawn elements into their websites. Illustrations are an excellent way to add a creative, original feel to your website and give your website a welcoming appearance.

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Interactivity and motion

Video is one of the most compelling digital content forms, so it’s no surprise that motion has also grown into a major web design trend. Motion-driven design is currently used in everything from boutique websites to career guidance forums. It is an effective way to make an ordinary web page more engaging and exciting. Several businesses and brands have started incorporating interactive elements into their websites like games, quizzes, surveys, and polls. Besides the fact that interactivity engages website visitors, it helps brands learn more about their audiences.

Inclusivity, functionality, and accessibility.

Website functionality has always been a crucial part of web design. There’s growing awareness that websites need to cater to the needs of the disabled, and designers have picked up on the trend. Having a functional, accessible, and user-friendly website visitors can navigate is now an essential part of a good online experience.
Making your website more accessible, functional, and inclusive isn’t just suitable for customer service; it also boosts SEO performance, increases conversion, and extends reach. you can make your websites more accessible by doing the following

  • Create a strong contrast between text and backgrounds,
  • add focus indicators like rectangular outlines around links to ease keyboard navigation
  • add labels and instructions to form fields instead of low-context placeholder text.
  • Create concise, easy to understand, and jargon-free content.

There has been a general trend towards functional design in 2020, reflected through high contrast color palettes, large fonts, and authentic content. This trend will grow in 2021
With the knowledge shared in this post, you have all you need to upgrade your website, so it reflects the latest trends and design standards. You may use it to enhance your brand’s aesthetic and online appeal. If you need to consult a professional agency, there are several web designers in Uganda you can consult.

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