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Online Business Turned the World into One Small Village

Ariane Alyerunga

May 16, 2019

Businesses must always go where the people are if they are to thrive. And now, in this epoch, if you’re looking for people, you won’t find them anywhere, apart from the internet. That’s where everyone lives these days through the various channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Email and many more. Presidents, engineers, accountants, and even maids have all established footprints on the web. The world has basically been turned into one small village. Boundaries have been broken. No era in history has been as good as now to do business. If you have not established an online presence yet, here are some important things you’re missing:


Easy marketing 

Like I stated already, the world is now a small village, you don’t have to run around from one geographical area to another to reach your potential clients. Everyone is in one place, so all you have to do is establish an online presence and make yourself noticed. Establishing yourself is one thing, getting noticed is another. Whereas the former is as easy strolling into a park, the latter requires a deep knowledge about the digital space. The pursuit to get noticed is actually a full-time job. It includes creating a beautiful website, writing great content and strategic positioning, among other things.

It’s advisable to employ a digital savvy person /team to guide you on how to get noticed. Or you could enrol for a short course in digital marketing.


Online presence helps you build relationships with your clients 

Nothing builds a business like a good relationship with the client. The internet makes it easy for you to interact with your clients. To get feedback about your business. And to respond to queries. It’s easy to do market research through market research on your website or social media handles. Without the internet, you’re treading the business road blindly.



The doors of the internet don’t close. They are open 24/7. This means people can reach you anytime for a service and you can respond instantly. It’s also easier for new people interested in your business to find information about you.



How do you beat the competition? You do so by earning credibility. When have a significant online footprint, say, a website, people trust your brand? It shows that you mean business. And by the fact that they can find contact information about you, read reviews from other people, it doesn’t get any better. People want to deal with folks they know a lot about. It gives them a sense of security.



Although the internet is important for you and your business, it can also be the cause of your destruction. You have seen an empire falling overnight after a hashtag has been created against them. That’s why you have to arm yourself with knowledge about digital marketing or hire a team to do it right for you

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