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How Online Marketing Helps to Increase Sales

Baraka Kalumba

June 17, 2019

Running a business requires being in touch with multiple elements at once to help capitalize on your access to potential clients. Online marketing is among the big players that yield life-changing sales results when correctly applied. 

The best element of online marketing is that its results are potentially infinite. Therefore, you can actualize outstanding sales fast. Learning about specific practices to help you achieve your goals is essential. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the best content marketing strategies and how they increase your sales results by taking systematic steps. 


1. Build an Optimized Website

Launching your business requires an online presence to allow your potential clients to reach you virtually. The starting point is building a website. When doing so, you want to take note of the user interface(U/I) and user experience(U/X) features. 

Taking time to perfect these elements can mean the difference between clients staying on your website longer or leaving soon after hopping on it. It all boils down to how easy it is for them to maneuver the site.

On top of this, nailing your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategy from the start gives you a large head start in finding your potential clients. 

The truth is that having a running website without optimizing it is just another fish in the water. With that in mind, the last thing you want is to fall back in line and rank low after investing a lot of time and effort into your business and website. 

Based on this, working closely with an experienced SEO strategist gives you access to invaluable introductory information to guide you through SEO web optimization.

 Here are some focus areas to get you started on SEO optimization:

Conducting in-depth keyword research

Work on your back-end code optimization

Include H1 and H2 tags in your content

Optimization also involves structuring data in your website to an accessible and organized layout that is easy to maneuver. Interestingly, a good structure is a plus for your clients and web crawlers.

Web crawlers are search engine tools that help discover the type of information your website entails and, in return, help in connecting you with your potential clients. The result? A better chance at increasing your sales. 

2. Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to increase sales, your clients should always remain your focal point during online marketing strategies. The best way to get started is by understanding your target audience and the information they are looking to find about your business.

Without defining your audience, you lose sight of who to attract, making you a jack of all trades. Consequently, your sales growth will be marginal until you do the much-needed research to define your desired clients. 


How to Understand Your Audience Better

Capture every element of your intended audience.

Seriously, down to the nitty-gritty. For example, you want to define who they are, their age, where they live and work, and what they do for work. 


1. Consider researching more about what their life is like. What to check for?

Their education level

Their income sources

What they do in their free time

What their frequent searches are

What they are looking for right now, specifically


2. Create an avatar of your targeted clients.

You can do this by listing their name, age, interests, hopes, and worries as a general guide to understanding them and providing solutions for their needs.  

Remember, an excellent marketing plan matches your business to the most suitable person through algorithms and keyword alignment.

Therefore, with more clarity about who your target audience is a better chance of finding them. The right audience will then easily convert to your client and drive up your sales because you will have the time to understand and meet their needs.


3. Determine the Best Time to Target Your Audience

Now that you understand who to make engaging digital content for, you want to know when to reach them. Understandably, timing is everything, and releasing marketing content when nobody is looking can be detrimental to your business growth. 

Taking time to understand when your potential buyers are online and searching for specific content is critical. Through the help of research tools like Google Trends, you can establish topics on demand and determine if they align with your expected sales.

Using holiday themes is a good illustration of how to use trends to time your online content—many online buyers like Christmas and New Years’ shopping. Therefore, you can curate your products around these themes to capitalize on sales. 

Alternatively, if you intend to grow sales through YouTube, your channel analytics provide invaluable information to determine the best time to reach clients. 

Say you have a product review channel where you place affiliate links to promote sales. You can review your channel analytics in YouTube Studio to determine the best time to post a new video. 

This timing is usually when your viewers, your potential clients, are most likely to view your video and make purchases through your links. The best part is that you can see the exact times your audience is online, giving you more information on improving your reach and sales. 


4. Focus on Creating Valuable Content

Having defined and identified your target audience and the perfect time to reach them, the last thing you want is to lose them. 

Why? Because they couldn’t find value when interacting with your online business. This defeats the entire purpose of your research and optimization, leaving your business in jeopardy from low sales. You can avoid the setback by prioritizing high-quality content that provides value for your client. 

…But What Does Value Mean?

The word ‘value’ represents a lot of factors. In internet marketing, value means meeting your client’s needs by providing reliable products, services, or solutions. 

Creating a checklist to help you maintain consistency in producing high-value content is an excellent strategy. Valuable online marketing is:

– Educational

– Highly engaging

– Well-researched

– Informative

– To the point in answering your client’s questions 

This way, your content becomes an authoritative source that builds your business credibility. 

Valuable content should also spike motivation, incentive, or interest in your products. Driving traffic to your business by creating authentic client curiosity is more effective than pushing notifications. The reason? Because curiosity gives your clients the liberty of making their own decision. 

That said, don’t ignore the value of providing a clear call to action in your online marketing content. The value of a simple call to action after providing rich information on your products cannot be overstated. 

After reviewing the content, gives your clients the buy-in option and builds their confidence in your business. Thus, sales increases should be a reasonable expectation. 


5. Have an Identifiable Brand

When it comes to digital marketing to increase sales, branding is everything. Your first impression on potential buyers is a make-or-break, so you want to build a strong brand. 

Typically, an established brand grows over time and focuses on appealing to its target audience and expanding to new clients. A considerable part of a strong, identifiable brand is your voice. This refers to how you convey your content, primarily when relying on online marketing to increase sales. 


Consistency is King

Having a consistent voice means writing in a recognizable tone, making videos with the same editing style, or maintaining recognizable graphic designs that match your website. These are but a few factors to work on, and you want to expand your brand application to all facets of your business.

Here are two crucial questions to consider when working on brand consistency:

How do you respond to buyers’ questions?

Do you have a business catchphrase?

Do you have niche-specific themes for your content?

Overall, aligning yourself with content representing your business in the best light is the ultimate goal. It reassures your clients of your reliability and professionalism, and increased business sales are more likely.


6. Diversify Your Online Presence Channels

You can never go wrong with diversifying your online marketing strategies, provided you optimize them to grow your sales. Having your products and quality content about it on multiple platforms is the gift that keeps on giving.

Think of it like this; you increase your sales potential by exposing your marketing content to as many people as possible. Your business, therefore, becomes a melting pot where clients from multiple platforms converge to make purchases. 

So, what platforms do you target? The best strategy is to start with what you know. This way, you will optimize it and have it as the primary source for your potential buyers.

For example, optimizing your website is your best bet if your business mainly relies on your website for direct sales. Doing this involves making significant changes as needed, as long as you have your client’s interests in mind.


Leveraging Your Online Marketing Presence

Once your primary traffic source is well set up, find additional platforms to promote your business marketing. As a starting point:

Find the most efficient way to present your online marketing strategies on these platforms. Are there any restrictions surrounding business promotions? Having the required information will not only help you reach a broader audience but will also help you avoid setbacks from existing restrictions. 

Identify the best content style to match each marketing platform. Posting a long-form video on Instagram is less efficient than well-edited photos and reels. Similarly, posting videos on Reddit may not attract a large viewership like YouTube. Following trending apps like TikTok is also a brilliant idea to widen your marketing scope and attract new clients.

Ultimately, choosing the best platforms to promote digital marketing is essential to driving sales. Any chance to attract new clients will depend on how well your content ranks on the different platforms and how valuable it is to the buyer.


7. Use Advertising to Make Your Content Discoverable

Although you may do your best to set up the best online marketing content to help ramp up your sales, traffic may still be slow. This can occur even when you have done your best to optimize your pages and diversify how your content reaches clients. 

Sometimes, your competition may have an added advantage over you, trumping your efforts to bring more potential buyers to your site. If so, why not try a few of their approaches as well? This way, you will have leveled the playing field again, giving you a chance to rank for a search.


Try an Advertising Strategy

An excellent starting point is using Google Ads to promote your business by ranking your website higher on the search engine results page(SERP). 

Doing this can be pivotal to your success because clients are more likely to trust results on the first page. Any ranking beyond that will leave you struggling for clicks and further reducing your chances of improved sales. 


8. Assess Online Marketing Analytics

Once everything is set up and running, you want to understand what’s working and what’s not clear. To do this, use tools like Google Analytics and Pay Per Click to analyze your marketing reach versus the audience response to your content and make adjustments accordingly.

To start with, you can check your content click-through rate, which indicates the percentage of persons clicking on your website or article compared to how many viewed it. You can then use this information to determine whether your titles are compelling enough because they are the first element that potential clients view.

Additionally, you can gauge the number of clients responding to your call to action; making a purchase. Based on the findings, you can establish whether to change your approach in encouraging sales to help increase the current response rate. 

Analyzing your keyword performance can also let you know how well optimized your content is. Pay Per Click tests how effective your keyword placement is, while Moz will test your website authority. Adjusting these details may seem minor, but it makes a big difference in your sales when applied strategically. 



Overall, online marketing is a powerful tool that can transform how you conduct business. It can increase your sales quickly, giving you control over your success. While we may encounter a steep learning curve when handling all the discussed optimization strategies, the key is to remain resilient.

Making small changes to your online marketing platforms at a time will eventually produce results. Remember always to have your audience in mind and strive to meet their needs. With time, you will notice remarkable sales and business stability growth. 


The Next Steps Towards Increasing Sales Through Online Marketing

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