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Email Marketing in Uganda – How to Leverage a Powerful Online Tool for Your Business

In this article, we shall take a look at the world of email marketing in Uganda. Is it worth it? What are the benefits of email marketing? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Email Marketing in Uganda?

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It involves sending out emails to potential visitors with the intention of turning them into paying customers. It is a great way to keep in touch with one-time customers by routinely reminding them to check out your business.
Email Marketing in Uganda is used by Jumia Uganda. You might have seen periodic emails from Jumia informing you about sales and promotions. This prompts you to check out the products on Jumia and potentially buy something.
Additionally, Jumia Food also sends you promotions on your email. People eat every day, so there is a high chance of people ordering food based on the discounted prices.
Other shopping apps also use emails to send you receipts of your purchase.
Email Marketing in Uganda is also commonly used by banks. It is essential to get emails regarding your bank balances, whether weekly or monthly.
You might overlook the power of email marketing in Uganda, but the power of suggestion is always in action, whether you see it or not.

Why Choose Email Marketing in Uganda

What are the benefits of using email marketing? Let’s find out.

1. Email marketing improves sales

Placing a strategically worded Call to Action (CTA) in your email title can boost your sales. Most people won’t open an email if they read the title, and it doesn’t sound important or interesting. However, if you excite people with your emails, for example, by offering discounts and treasure hunts, you have the potential of improving sales.
Imagine a scenario where you attract a customer via email. They end up loving the way you do things. From there, they begin to order more products from your business. In fact, they don’t stop there – they inform their friends and family, and this grows your user-base rapidly.

2. Email marketing lets you communicate with your customers

While social media may be an excellent platform for informing customers of new changes in your business, some people may miss your post. When it comes to email, there is no way a user will ignore your message. Emails are very reliable in that they always reach the user.
One of the best ways to build your brand is to send out frequent emails. It is imperative to change your narrative from a voiceless brand to one that your audience can relate to. Your audience will feel closer to your brand with frequent communication.

3. Email marketing generates traffic to your website

Email marketing can bring users to your website. When they read your email and see something they like, they will click through to your website. From here, they may find other products that they are interested in.
Having a website is one of the most significant aspects of internet marketing. It offers valuable information to users. People like to search for your website so they can find out everything you offer. Your website should also have contact details so that your audience may reach you in case they need to communicate with you.

4. You can deliver more value to your audience

Emails are a great way to send your audience important information they might have missed from your website. Some businesses like to send links to their blog posts via email so that users can click through to get a better reading experience.
When people like a brand, they will be interested in reading blog posts from it. In some cases, it can be hard to monitor a blog for the latest posts. In such a scenario, it will be highly effective to send out emails to notify your audience about new blog posts.

5. Email marketing allows you to get feedback

Email marketing gives you personal access to your users. Being able to talk to your audience opens up a door to many possibilities. You can inform people about new products. You can contact them concerning promotions. Or, you can ask for feedback.
Request your audience to give you feedback by providing simple questionnaires, for example, Google Forms. You can explain to them how important the feedback is to you in terms of helping you improve your business. Many people will be happy to provide feedback.

Advantages of Email Marketing in Uganda

Now that you know how email marketing can benefit you, let’s check out the advantages of email marketing.

Email Marketing is inexpensive

Email marketing in Uganda can be entirely free for small businesses. When you manage to obtain email addresses from interested users, all you have to do is craft valuable content and send it out. However, if you are a larger organization that collects thousands of emails from users, you will have to pay for an email automation service which is relatively inexpensive.

Emails will always reach the intended user

Emails always end up in a user’s inbox. Unlike digital marketing strategies like social media that depend on whether or not a user is online, emails will always be delivered.

Email marketing offers stability to brands

Trends have shown us that social media apps have fallen in the past. Some stop being relevant, while others run out of funding. However, emails have proven over time that they are here to stay. The most popular emailing apps have been around for decades.

5  Ways to Grow Your Email List in Uganda

What is an email list?
An email list is a collection of emails from users who opt-in to receive emails from a website.
Email marketing is all in the email addresses. You need to collect as many email addresses from potential customers as you can. This is the most challenging part of email marketing. Business owners fail to entice customers to give up their emails. But with these 5 tips, you will begin to see growth in your email list.

1. Craft good content

Even if you come up with all sorts of tactics to pull customers, they will inevitably leave if your content is subpar. Focus on making sure that you create high-quality content. Sending out low-quality emails might even cause your subscribers to opt out of receiving your emails.
Examples of good content ideas include:

  • Blog posts
  • Freebies
  • Promotions
  • Announcing new products

2. Make interesting Call To Action (CTA) buttons for your email list

Telling people to “Sign Up” for your emailing list is pretty boring. Find more interesting phrases that will entice people to sign up. Some phrases will incentivize an uninterested user to sign up just to see what you are offering. Remember to use power words like “Free” or “Exclusive” or “Now” and exclamation points.
Here are some excellent phrases to consider when inviting people to your email list:

  • Get Instant Access!
  • Sign Me Up!
  • Count Me In!
  • YES, I want free goodies!
  • Get it Now

3. Offer free content

Nothing excites people more than free content. Be ready to create guides, worksheets, or e-books that you can offer for free to your audience. In exchange for the freebie, you will obtain their email address. Now, you can send them emails whenever you have new products that they would be interested in. Offering free content is the best way to grow your mailing list in Uganda.

4. Ask subscribers to share your emails

At the end of every email, write a short paragraph asking your current subscribers to share or forward the email with their friends, family, and coworkers. Be sure to add a small “Subscribe” button at the end of every email. This way, people who were forwarded the email can easily sign up to your email list if they like your content.

5. Optimize your email for mobile viewing

An email that can’t be read on mobile will cause people to not read your email, or worse, unsubscribe. Everyone has their email app set up on their phone. Chances are, they will check their email on the phone. However, if your email is too huge to fit on the user’s mobile screen, they will close it without reading. It’s better to craft emails that have smaller images that won’t overlap a mobile screen. Additionally, you can consider asking users to download a PDF attachment if you have many elements within the email.

Does Email Marketing Work in Uganda?

Is email marketing dead in Uganda? Many people have voiced concerns over whether or not it is essential to have an email list. While it may seem useless, having an email list is definitely worth it. It can bring you paying customers when other sources of traffic are failing. Additionally, platforms like social media are not stable – they may shut down or change their policies without notice. Email platforms are reliable and long-lasting.

How to Use Email Marketing in Uganda

Email marketing in Uganda involves subscribing to an email automation platform, creating and maintaining an email list, crafting emails, and emailing this content to your audience. If this seems like a lot of work, you can always opt for a digital marketing partner to take on the work for you.