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Important Tips to Writing Compelling Blog Posts

Ariane Alyerunga

August 2, 2019

A long time ago, we needed a printing press to get our message out. Today, all you need is an internet connection, an online presence- a blog. Having an audience does not guarantee that you always have something valuable to say. You need to craft engaging content with a whimsical style that will have readers reading, sharing your work and coming back for more.

 “No matter what kind of message you are trying to put across, you will need to find a voice and build a brand too,”- Starshine Roshell.

For starters, you ought to have the necessary writing skills or be eager to learn. Like any other article, a blog post should be informative, educational and challenging. It should help your readers solve a problem, achieve a common goal, understand a complex issue, soothe their worries, improve their lives and give humour.

Keep your audience’s need in mind and know that a blog post doesn’t need to have complex goals to be compelling.

As a blogger, you should be knowledgeable about what you write so that your readers can feel like they hit the jackpot by reading this “expert’s” work. Offer some evidence on your knowledge on the tagline and about section. It is not a place of guesswork because your readers might embarrass you.

Remember to;

  • Be Accurate with your facts and refer to your sources.
  • Stay focused because your readers are in a hurry and are explicitly seeking what your headline promised them.
  • Be timely and fresh; if your post can relate with news, it can attract more people. If you don’t have the freshness, don’t trick readers into clicking expecting it, spin-off and use it for a topic on which you will have something to say.
  • Be consistent when posting. This will help your readers to wait for your next update religiously.

On average, a person reads 150-300 words per minute, so consider your goal and help him/her reach the finish line fast. However, search engines favour longer posts but with a lower bounce rate. So make sure to keep it engaging and not just feeling space. Word count doesn’t matter as long as your point is made, and the reader is not bored.


How to make your blog post likeable?

How-to-Write-a-Great-Guest-Blog-Post-1-e1564725884576-300x131 Important Tips to Writing Compelling Blog Posts

  • Add a call to action (CTA); involving your audience is such a great idea not only because it is a graceful way to wrap up the post since writing endings is hard but also helps not to keep all eyes on you. For example, as a question and allow them to respond.
  • Have a unique voice because writing is not about what you say but how you say it. According to Grammar Girl, voice is a distinct personality, style point of view of a piece of writing.
  • Add compelling images
  • Use subheads

To develop your voice, read other blogs, find out what works for you and also experiment with various styles. Do not turn your blog post to a poem, writing like you talk. Be passionate about your topic as this will be not only compelling to your readers but also fun to write.

Have integrity and maintain high standards even if you don’t have to.  Exercise fairness and responsible publishing. Be transparent with your readers because a genuine, fair and authentic writer attracts more readers.

In conclusion, you must put on your most robust skin when blogging because not everyone will like what you have to say. Monitor your comments and learn from them; some could be constructive criticism. However, some comments could be a bunch of sad people pouring out a portion of negative energy to everyone. Weigh both good and bad feedback because a blog is an evolving process. Aim at making yourself better.

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