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7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Logo

Ariane Alyerunga

October 23, 2020

When starting a business, having a logo may not be on the top of your list of agendas. But think of any brand that comes to mind, for example, Nike or Apple. What pops up first? Their logo. Logos are an undeniably important aspect of brand creation, and in this article, you’ll learn why you need one for your business.


Why your business needs a logo

Today, you will learn the seven reasons your small business needs a logo designed before launching it.

Let’s get started.

1.The first impression is everything for your business.

You want your potential customers wowed the first time they see your business. With an eye-catching logo designed for you, you can create a lasting first impression.

Then you can strengthen the impression in the future with a quality product or service delivery to the customers.

2. It’s a form of professionalism.

In this modern age, potential customers have raised the bar of expectations. Most of them are informed. So, having a professionally designed logo is a massive plus to your business.

Nobody wants to associate with a business that looks unprofessional from the first interaction. Everyone imagines that a legit company must have a professional logo to make them feel proud to associate with it.

3. Logos raise business expectations.

When you buy and wear Nike shoes, you expect a high quality and durable product. The brand has kept these expectations for every new product they launch.

Your small business logo sets the expectations you intend to deliver to your customers from the moment you launch. Having a logo that has your message clearly defined on what customers should expect from you is critical. The moment they start interacting with your brand, they know what to expect.

4. Get easily recognized

 Human beings heavily rely on their sense of sight. A logo for your small business printed on clothes that your staff or other people wear can give your brand free recognition.

It’s common for big brands to have their company logos on printed material like fashion wear, banners, and even billboards. It’s a powerful form of advertising.

5. Create an emotional connection with customers

 All the famous consumer brands like Apple, Nike have created emotional connections with their customers that still keep their products relevant. Their logos alone connect in a positive way to their customers.

Your business has only one chance to impress. If your logo is designed poorly, it will scare away potential customers since they cannot connect or relate to it.

6. Nurture brand loyalty

 After your brand is recognized in the market, you need to foster loyal customers who will be your brand ambassadors through giveaways of products with your business logo.

These can be water bottles, pens, t-shirts, or even sponsoring a local event. Global brands like Visa does this by supporting football games. Nike does it by sponsoring individual athletes.

Also, it cultivates trust and credibility for your brand by showing interest in your community’s growth and progress.

7. Create consistency.

Brands evolve all the time, but their message doesn’t. It’s consistency. If you want your business to remain in your customers’ minds, your message must be consistent, and it can quickly be done with an eye-catching logo.

Besides, a well-designed logo gives your business identity regardless of its size and eliminates any identity confusion with competitors.


What makes a good logo?

Now, it’s easy to get a logo designed for your business at an affordable price from a company with expert illustrators. But, how do you know your logo has been made by a professional?

There are four characteristics your logo must-have. These are;


A simple logo is easily spotted, and its message is quickly delivered. Your logo should communicate what your business does at a glance.


Humans have a short memory. The logo designed for your business has to be memorable for your potential customers. They should connect with it, to remember it. The logo should leave a lasting impression.


A logo with an exact meaning will be relevant. When requesting a logo design, provide the core principles that will govern your business for logo designers to bring out its relevance in the design.


In this digital age, your business needs to have a digital presence. So, your logo has to be adaptable to different platforms because of sizing and re-sizing. This change in shape can blur your business’s identity through a logo when using online platforms if not well adjusted. You’ll want to ensure your logo looks good on a variety of media and digital platforms.


Other Considerations

When recommending a particular layout for your logo design, it helps to ask yourself a few questions because a poorly designed logo will turn off your prospective customers the moment they see it. These questions include;

Which primary color to use when designing?

The color you choose must be consistent with the branding you want to build for your business. A logo can have as many colors as Slack or Google but using one or two colors makes it simple and straightforward.

What shape should the logo take?

It can be circular, oval, rectangular, or star-shaped. The shape is essential when scaling up and down of your logo to fit other platforms. If you want your logo to have words written on it, the form you choose might be different from one without.

Should the logo have words written on it?

A logo can be written words only. But if you are thinking of a drawing or picture, should there be words written on the logo? You should consider these questions before submitting your instructions to a logo designer.


 Over to you

For the above reasons, it’s clear that having a logo for your small business is essential. More so, it provides you with cheap branding because you only need to put it on a banner or printed material, and your core message is delivered to potential customers the moment they see it. If you need a compelling logo for your business, consider hiring a logo design agency to bring your ideas to life.