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10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today and Generate Revenue in Uganda

Ariane Alyerunga

September 18, 2019

Have you ever thought of creating online business and generating some good money on the internet?

If your response is a resounding yes, you are not different from people who wake up every morning scratching their heads for ideas on how to make money on the internet.

Online business is more attractive than ever, but many entrepreneurs like you are battling with how to establish their business ideas online.

You will realise that acquiring and maintaining an online business provides you with an opportunity and the freedom to make money remotely from any part of the country.

Finding a business idea that suits your expertise and virtues is the most significant step in beginning a lucrative online business.

Whether you want to begin a part-time online business or become a full-time entrepreneur, your goods or services should satisfy the unique needs of the customer.

Here are ten online business ideas that you get up and running immediately from any part of Uganda as long as you have an internet connection.


Business Idea #1: Online Business Consultant 

You may have just graduated with your degree in business administration and just wondering what you can do with the enormous amount of knowledge and skills gained.

Why not put this to use by establishing an online business consultancy firm. You can use your skills and talents as a business consultant to assist fresh company owners in getting off to a good beginning and assist seasoned company people in keeping up with demand. If you concentrate your tactic on a niche aspect of business consulting, your chances of achievement may be higher. To become a small business consultant, you can begin this process by following this 5-step checklist.

  • Build your expertise through constant learning: You can only become an efficient consultant if your service adds value to the small business owner. Always seek to update your knowledge and skills, because this will ultimately determine how much money you can charge for your consultancy services.
  • Determine the big reason: Find out why you want to assist these owners before you get to the talky-gritty of running an online business consultancy business and having customers. What is your motivation? Who is your target audience, and why? Knowing this will keep you going when you reach the inevitable bumps of motion along the route to create the online business as well as serve your customers.
  • Determine what your personal “achievement” looks like: Determine what you see as “achievement.” Keep an eye on the aim. The Concept of accomplishment varies from individual to individual. Take the time to envision all the aspects of your private and professional lives that an excellent professional service will manifest.

It pays to be active in the digital business community because the new knowledge and business skills you share with customers will boost your credibility. You can share your business expertise by writing to platforms like LinkedIn.


Business Idea #2: Social Media Consultancy Services

If you have experience in Social media marketing, and most importantly, some photography skills, do not stack your skills away. Just get up and establish an online social media consulting business right away. Companies take advantage of social media platforms to market and promote their goods and services. The challenge, however, is that few of these companies use visual social media platforms like InstagramPinterest and Snapchat to promote their brands. So, establishing an online consulting company focusing on visual platforms can assist business companies in attaining more visibility of their company’s objectives.


Business Idea #3: Niche E-commerce Market Retailer 

Did you know that you can reach many customers who seek to buy specific products if you set up a niche e-commerce store? A specific clientele for particular products like compost manure, animal feeds, organic food products and charcoal provide an opportunity for building a great business in a niche e-commerce market. You need to conduct research on the consumer needs and decide what niche product you can sell in your online store. What you need is a web hosting service with an added shopping cart function or e-commerce software to get your e-commerce enterprise up and running.


Idea #4: Remote Technical Service Provider

Does it surprise you that many small business companies in Uganda do not have the budget to hire a full-time ICT staff? Many companies prefer to have someone who may be called in for a temporary job to work on their systems when they in fritz. If you are an ICT expert starting a remote ICT service will provide instant remote technical help, that some companies need.

Idea #5Artisans E-commerce Retailer 

If you design clothes out of African fabrics or distinct Ugandan art and crafts, this is an excellent way to gain revenue when you’re at home, doing what you enjoy. Some traders in Uganda are shifting their sales to e-commerce, internet-based marketplaces for handmade goods such as baskets, mats and artwork. This makes it incredibly simple for you to generate a constant supply of high-quality handmade products to the online stores.


Idea #6: Apps Developer 

You may be able to do a lucrative business out of the development of apps depending on your location and skills. Mobile apps are more common than ever, with some Ugandans willing to pay any amount of money for apps that will help solve their problems. If you have a fantastic fresh concept for an app and know how to code, you can build up your online business app developer store. You may also become an online IT manager for businesses that need to create specific apps. Setting up an online App developer store would require you to understand both fundamental computer design components and at least four popular programming languages such as SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails or iOS.


Idea #7: Online Affiliate Marketing Agent 

Companies are prepared to share a percentage of their earnings with people who are going to promote their products. So affiliate marketing can be a lucrative strategy for you if you have either a personal website or social media presence.

Public Relations and Marketing Agencies are always looking for brand promoters and influencers to whom they can send free samples. You could choose involved affiliate marketing where you are required to market an affiliate product that you both use and enjoy.


Idea #8: Podcasting 

Six million people own smartphones in Uganda according to a survey which was carried out in 2018 by Global System for Mobile Communications. Many people can listen to podcasts – (Small audio files). Recording podcasts is an opportunity for you to start a podcast service and get sponsorships and advertisements to build a business web around your podcast content.


Idea #9: Freelance Content Writer

You can use your writing skills by offering writing services to clients on a freelance basis. You could also provide a writing service to businesses which are always on the lookout for content for their websites.


Idea #10: Food and Nutrition Plan Service 

With health nutrition high on the agenda of many Ugandans, especially in the urban areas, you could set up an online food and diet plan service. All you need is to consult people online about their nutrition needs and then design a food and nutrition plan service based on their feedback.


Final thoughts

Their opportunities out there to start businesses online are abundant. And all you need is a connection to get your business up and running.

Web design experts can help you shape your online business startup today.