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Every business needs support to thrive and Sadja Web Tools is the leading provider of Web Hosting, Domain Names Registration, SSL & Security, Search Engine Optimazatons, Express Email, WebDesign Services, Marketing Tools and other cyber services for internet and Web Developement based businesses in Africa.
Our reach does not just end in Africa; we have an office in Dubai, Canada, which has grown into a top-notch cyber service company providing clients with innovative and first class products, which are designed to improve their business models. So far, we have not failed any of our clients and we don’t intend on doing so.

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Domain name registration has been made easy by our company, we recognize that this is one crucial step in creating your business website and we handle it with outermost importance. Taking over the daunting task of looking for an appropriate domain name for your business and register it on your behalf is what we do. Sadja WebTools provides unbeatable prices and quality for this service. Search now for the domain of your Dreams

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Web Hosting

From only $2.79/mo!

Everything you need to give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves. Tell me more

Domain Names

From only $8.99/yr!

Get your domain name today! Search now. All of our domains are loaded with free extras!

SSL Certificates

From only $28.99/yr!

Secure your site. Boost response and customer confidence with an affordable Turbo or High Assurance


From only $9.99/mo!

Get everything you need to build, manage, and market your own successful online store! Tell me more

Online Storage

From only $1.67/mo!

Keep your files safe and accessible with our secure cloud storage. Perfect for backing up and sharing important files. Tell me more

Web Marketing

From only $1.67/mo!

Search Engine Visibility - Attract visitors and increase sales by improving your rank on Google® and more! Get started

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Web Hosting From only $2.79/mo!

Hosting 12000 domains makes us one of the largest companies in the web hosting business. We take pride in satisfying our clients and we do all we can to keep them happy. Consequently, we provide 24/7 support for our clients.
We are without a doubt a company to do business with if you need hosting services which never disappoints, no matter the situation.

Advantages of Our Hosting
High Performance

Did you know a 1 second delay in your website page load time can cause a 7% reduction in conversion? This can have a huge impact on your bottom line which is why we work hard to maintain top page load times in the industry.

Free Applications& Free Domain Name

Our one-click install process has all your Web hosting app needs covered, making it easy to build, enhance and manage your site. Need a content management system (CMS) for your Website? Joomla and Drupal are just a click away Maybe you want to sell products on your website. Try Magneto with one-click.

cPanel for Linux or Windows

Access all the hosting features and settings you need with this industry-standard control panel

Great Support

With its user-friendly control panels featuring cPanel®, our Hosting puts you in charge. And thanks to our award-winning data centers, lightning-fast load times and 24/7 monitoring, you know your site will always be safe, secure and online – guaranteed*

Resources On-Demand

Get more CPU, RAM, EntryProcesses and I/O with just a click.

Data Protection

Keeping a website secure is a full time job. That’s why our security team is on the job 24/7, monitoring your site for suspicious activity and protecting it against brute force and DDoS attacks.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers Bring on the traffic, Advanced power and control, Provision in minutes, Powered by cPanel.


  1. Processor Type 2x Intel E5-2630L v2 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3
  2. Processor Core/Clock Speed 6 Core, 2.4/2.8Ghz 4 Core, 3.1/3.5GHz
  3. Processor Memory 128GB ECC DDR3 1600MHz (8x16) 32GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3 1600MHz, (4 X 8)
  4. Processor Cache 15MB 8MB
  5. Hard Disk 6x300GB 10k (slot 0,1,2,3,4,5) 2 x 2 TB drives

Each Multi-Tenant VM Provides:
  1. 5,000 SMTP relays
  2. File and DB backups
Choose from Linux or Windows

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers For clients who aren’t big on sharing, Managed services come standard, Ready now, not in a few hours, Powered by cPanel.


  1. Processor Type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3
  2. Processor Core/Clock Speed 4 Core, 3.1/3.5GHz
  3. Processor Memory 32GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3 1600MHz, (4 X 8)
  4. Processor Cache 15MB 8MB
  5. Hard Disk 2 x 2 TB drives

Each Single-Tenant VM Provides:
  1. 5,000 SMTP relays
  2. File and DB backups (paid option)
Choose from Linux or Windows

Affordable Website Design Services

We just love what we do

Our website creation services are tailored to your needs. From design concept to implementation and maintenance, Sadja has experienced designers team for deliver better quality as per trends and requirements, most important in time. Sadja provide complete web graphic solutions below our complete list of web designing services:

You Need it We Can Code it
  • Online shops/auctions web sites
  • Business/Corporate sites
  • Dating/social network sites
  • Product listing/Details page
  • Custom Website Designing
  • Ecommerce sites
  • One Page Sites
  • Update your Existing website
  • Landing Page
  • Q&A/Wiki sites
  • Forum/Events sites
  • Personal CV/Blog sites
  • Religious/political sites
  • Ticket/Social bookmarking sites
  • Company web sites
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Personal web sites
  • Portfolio webs
  • Custom Blogs/online diaries
  • File sharing types
  • Music/video Showcase sites
  • Web 2.0

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World's leading domain registrar With over 13 million happy customers and 60 million domains under management, we know how to set you up for success online. We have 100s of domains to choose from, not to mention prices that other companies only dream about. Award-winning 24/7 support Not sure what you need? You're not alone. That's why we have hundreds of smart, friendly web pros waiting by the phone, ready to help. Money Back Guarantee

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Why a Website

The website is your online office, just like a brick and mortar office, but in the virtual world of Internet. These days your site is primary face of your business, people visits your website before they visit your store and that's the first chance to impress them to become your customer, mostly last too. We know this well and we believe that a happy customer is a regular customer and that is why we always give you the best possible service for your website requirements.

Partners and Testimonials

Sadja WebTools believe that your vision is very important, and We would like to be the one to help you share it with the world.

  •    Thanks so much! Great help, very informative and patient. Answered all my questions even the stupid ones. Helped me feel at ease as I am very new to domain registration and web hosting, great to know that there is such good support!

    - Jullien Bariga, WebDesigner
  •   This company is doing a great job! It really helped me set up my new account and answered all of my complex questions thoroughly. Thanks a lot, I am excited about my new hosting account at Sadja WebTools!

    - Naomie Mariam, Web Developer

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